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The Peggey Song (REMIX) The Peggey Song (REMIX)

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


I'm very surprised that this made the front page, let alone FIRST PLACE. This is very disappointing to me, to see the new audio portal system already a little buggy/exploitable.

...I'm assuming that this wasn't chosen #1 by a human, of course.

Blue Bossa (on Alto) Blue Bossa (on Alto)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Man, you can improv the hell out of jazz

Hey, what up bud? I'm back, and you've changed your name :)

This is very smooth, I like the choice of notes are your improv, you clearly have practiced a lot of different things on your own time. Unlike lots of artists around here :).

My only gripe is, this Band in a Box thing. Sure, you say you only play reed instruments (right?), but you should seriously consider learning to compose your own music entirely. You can definitely do it, based on your music theory knowledge. Just a backbeat on the drums, some basic guitar chords with 7s and 9s in the back, some strings, and even try using more than one reed instrument in the song! Like, you could play an alto sax part, and harmonize a clarinet part with it.

You can find free software on the internet that lets you make any instrument you want with a cheap electric keyboard, via an interface called MIDI, if you want to look into it. I'd recommend it!

Aside from those few off-topic paragraphs, all I can really review you about right now is your improvisation, not really the song, so your reviews from people are going to be short. Again, look into writing music! You might really like it.

See you around!

Silent-G - Wake Up Silent-G - Wake Up

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Uh, sounds familiar...

Hm, this sounds nearly EXACTLY the same as your last song. Are you making this music with loops? If so, I have to say, I'm disappointed. Dragging loops is not making music.

If you are really creating this note for note, then great job! Just try to make a -different- song next time. Good song, it's just the same as the last one! Same key, same chord progression, etc.

Silent-G responds:

yeah the program I used was this really simple shockwave thing in a web browser. I made a bunch of these songs a long time ago and thought I'd just upload a couple to see what people thought.
Im trying to find different programs though so I can do more stuff that allows me to use more loops and whatnot, and actually make my own music.
thanks for the review.

0123456789 0123456789

Rated 4 / 5 stars

it gets me so AMPED! arrrrrrrrr!!

Okay, so as I listen to the intro, I'm turned off big time. It's got a ride cymbal loop that has a very abrupt cut-off, I'd try using better drum samples for your next song. Especially since you've actually sequenced the drums quite well!

Although the song began on the uninteresting side, it progressed into a very cool ending! I love the vibes/metals you used near the end, it contrasted very well with the fast paced DnB style used for the first half of the song. The choir/vocal patch was REALLY cool, too, probably my favorite part. But I haev to admit, judging by the sound quality of the rest of the song, I'm doubtful that you created that vocal sample yourself. Did you rip it? Either way, it works well, nice job!

So for your next song, you should work on making transitions a little smoother. Also, take the time to create an effective intro and outro, this song lacked both, in comparison to the mid-section.

Good job, hope to see more!

Silent-G responds:

thanks. Im working hard to find free programs with good sound quality. And I'll definatley try and do some better intros and endings. a lot of the loops I had available at the time were crappy though like you said.

Jungle Loop {}{ Tony11harp }{} Jungle Loop {}{ Tony11harp }{}

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Hey tony, this is the first song of yours i've heard. I was really surprised by it. I hate to admit it, but I thought this song would likely be junk, due to the filesize. But you've proven me wrong! This is a high quality theme! This theme should be used in a full song, you should consider it! I like the mixing of the drum set. This is just good techno/pump-up music. I'm Dling it!

Joy Spring on Bari Joy Spring on Bari

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Man I feel GOOD!

Well, I listened to the other version first, so here I'll just comment about how I compare the two.

I like this one better, I just like this instrument better (alto sax?). It penetrates more and just gives an even happier feeling. I am going to put your stuff on my ipod too! :D I've been trying to get to know jazz better lately, and I think your stuff is awesome! It grabs my attention and keeps it until the very last note.

Gizmo-Hall responds:

Thanks, I'm glad I can make it onto someone's IPod! I have to say, I was more confident on this peice than my bari piece. But I've got more bari stuff coming... My Funny Valentine in the works.

More Joy Spring More Joy Spring

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I hate to be a ten monkey, but...

Again, I'd like to know how you're making these. It's high quality stuff!

I'm dead serious when I give you 10's across the board, you deserve them! You are one of the very few worthy jazz players around newgrounds! I'm sure if you keep up this kind of work, people will turn to YOU for using easy-listening music in their animations!

Is this a tenor sax or what? I'm not good with the woodwind instruments. It's much lower in contrast to Blue Bossa, and you counter the tenor sax's low range with the piano's chord comping--it's really cool! It fills up the sound spectrum and makes this piece very satisfying.

Keep it up! I'll be checking back man!

Gizmo-Hall responds:

Once again, BIAB, the "at home" musician's friend. I'm actually playing bari sax in this one, my major instument at the moment. I'm using a HI-FI audix sax clip mic for most of my recordings.

Blue Bossa Blue Bossa

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow, you know what you're doing!

First off, I want to know how you made this. Did you find a track of Blue Bossa (which i've never previously heard) without the sax/clarinet part and play your own improv over it? Or did you recreate the song entirely and feature the clarinet?

Either way, the clarinet is beautiful, and so is the quality of this recording. I love the way the clarinet layers on top of the chords (the guitar). You have a great ear, did you improv this? Now I don't know a lot about wind/woodwind instruments, but what I do know is what I know from being in the high school band, watching the clarinets and saxes. And after listening to them, you have SO MUCH better sound quality and control than them. This is GOOD stuff! 99% of this is nearly exactly on pitch (the first few notes being most of the remaining 1% :)

This could be featured in a flash, you know. I'm fiving you!

Gizmo-Hall responds:

I actually used a very helpfull program called "Band In A Box". I just type out the chord and it creats a custom background. And after the melody intro, everything is improvised.

Galactic summer (3:27) Galactic summer (3:27)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I love the mood set in this song! ambiance in the beginning. I like the initial sample a lot! And it's got an indefinite, bluesy improv part that I really like.

Interesting...hear comes the trance beat. Mixed with the saxaphone, this makes an interesting emotion come to me. Wow, I really like it! :D It's chill, yet groovy at the same time. I could listen to your awesome sax sample all day! :)

I like the occasional use of pads and heavy reverb, it really makes it more unpredictable and fresh.

Hm, that sax and beat has faded. Did I mention I am in love with that DynoRoads type of keyboard in the beginning?

My suggestions would be:
-Don't be afraid to throw a cool bass line in here and there (I am not speaking with full confidence here, my speakers here are cheap and probably lack bass), I crave for a break from the sax for just 8 or 16 bars with a really jazzy, emotional bass line.

-Your drums kind of left me hanging. I personally thought they were too weak, and lacked any purpose. They just kept the beat, and had little power and emotion behind them...chill music can actually sound quite awesome with moderately protruding drums. I'd rather the hi hats and bass "cut" through the mix a little more. Certainly nothing major, it just kept me from achieving an eargasm for this song. Also, I am against looping drums the whole piece. It again supports the using drums as a filler (keeping the beat). Just my $.02 :)

Absolutely awesome theme. This deserves much praise. I'll be looking back here for more of your stuff!

WinTang responds:

Hey dude, I recall you making a promise on the BBS to start giving out reviews, and you seem to have a natural talent for them! Thanks a lot for the praise and even more for the suggestions - very helpful and memorized for future reference ;)
I'll hit you back soon on your big piano thing!

Innocent Apathy Innocent Apathy

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very chill, with a snow-flurryish feel to it!

I'll type as I listen to it :)

OoOoO, I love the vibraphoneish thing! It reminds me of Donkey Kong 3, you know? This really, REALLY reminds me of Donkey Kong 3's first snow level, if you know what I

The beat has set in, good use of drum samples, not much I can say there--it's just a filler.

Guitar sounds pretty cool, I like the frequency it's at, where it kind of penetrates into your inner ear, it works well in the sonic spectrum of this song!

Man, that vibe cannot be beat :D

You put many glittery effects everywhere I didn't even consciously notice--that's a very good thing :). For instance, the light snowy pad, and the echo/pan effect of the vibraphone. They work so well together.

Oh, I'm at the cadence. Very cool, it's a really nice musical pause.

...What?? The song's over? Come on...I was hoping for some massive build with more pads and the drums riding on the crash or something. This had a lot more potential...push yourself a little further next time, and instead of making a cool, catchy hit, make a masterpiece.

Great job! I'll be back for more!

Anima-Theory responds:


Thanks for the review